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Rustle Church is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Interim Pastor Todd Stelmach 

Founding Pastor Al Doseger

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| father | Jesus | spirit | scripture | cross | kingdom | prayer
NEEDED | effective | useful | purposeful | accessible | life-giving
NEIGHBOURED | local | contributing | involved | helpful | influential | salty
CREATED | innovative | fun | expressive | creative | adaptive | inventive
FAMILIED | shared lives | belonging | accountability | responsibility | home
MOVED | grow | mature | change | transform | become | respond | initiate
GIVED | gracious | generous | openhanded | sacrificial | trusting | spent

CENTRED The story of God in human history centers on Jesus Christ and his life, death and resurrection. Jesus was God with skin and bones. This God-man showed us God as touchable, knowable, and lovable. Jesus opened to us the possibility of peaceful, loving relationship with the God of the universe, and with each other and the created world. We understand this Big Story through the pages of Scripture. As these truths penetrate the centre of our being, we begin to live in the reality of God’s loving presence. God is the centre of our being, the centre of our stories, the centre of our lives, the centre of our faith.

NEEDED We are needed in a world of need. We are to be the image of God participating in God’s great story of redeeming everything. We are God’s hands, feet, mind, heart and soul, restoring every relationship, every system to the love, peace and justice that God intended. We want the activities we engage in to be useful for this task. We are sent ones, sent into a world in crisis, to people with crises. We want to use our short time here wisely; making the best use of the gifts God has given us to help in ways that are actually helpful. We want to serve and spend our energy doing things that are needed as part of God’s big story of redeeming, healing, and transforming the world.

NEIGHBORED We live with people, work with people, play with people, receive our cup of coffee from people, and perhaps even wave at people as we walk into our homes. We are anchored in space and time with those that surround us, and we want everything we do to be connected to these neighbors. We want to be visible participants in our community, making a real difference in the lives of those we run into or pass by every day. If we move out of our neighbourhoods, we want to be missed. We want to be good neighbors, loving those people and places God puts in our path in whatever way we can.

FAMILIED We don’t get to choose who our family is, but we are asked to love each member equally. Every person belongs. Every person has a place and is welcome, from the smallest child to the most ornery adult. Every person is valued; every person has something to contribute to the family. The family business is to live out God’s love in the world. We trust that God does not limit love to a few favorites, so we make an effort to show the same generous love to the people God places in our lives. We want to love, support, challenge and encourage each other, giving hugs and kicks, tears and high fives in our everyday moments.

CREATED God is a creator, and as people made in God’s image we are blessed with a capacity to create as well. We want our interaction with God and our participation in God’s mission of love, peace and justice to be characterized by creativity. We want to dream up and experience new ways of understanding God’s grace and healing work in our communities. We want to put our gifts, talents and abilities to work. We colour outside the lines. We create music that help us connect with God, try out new ways of meeting needs and serving our neighbors, and make art that shows God’s presence in our lives. We want to be inventive teachers, engineers, students and parents. We want everything we do to bear the mark of the creator.

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